First 10 minute pose warm up

by Shiyo Engle, April 13th 2022 © 2022 Shiyo Engle

I drew this today. It's been over a decade since I have done any type if gesture drawing, and this was the 10 minute pose to draw in my first 30 minute class mode on this site. I know it's more sketch like, and that my lines are bit too dark, but I welcome any pointers and constructive criticism on what I can do to improve my gesture drawing (aside from the obvious of practice, lol.)


Loosen up a bit. Do quicker poses first (2 min). Don't only focus on contour. Capture shapes, don't redraw lines. This is a nice drawing, lots of good things going on, but I believe you had too much time to try correcting lines. Before you start correcting, just the same pose again, and again, and perhaps again, but be sure to take a different path each time, tweaking your approach.

Shiyo Engle

Thank you! I noticed that I do more of a sketch-y drawing than simple lines. I see what you mean about loosening up. It'll take time to retrain my brain because of how long it's been since I've done this. So maybe not "retrain" but "refresh". But, I'm enjoying doing this again, and there is always room for improvement. *insert smiley face*

Polyvios Animations

Awesome and excellent job and show of your forms, gestures, and proportions, and angles on your figure above. Keep up the practice and pursue your learning curve further and farther.

Nonetheless, the lines of action all look too stiff and seem too stiffer in your uninhibition of the theraputic delivery. How would you like to do a form of art therapy through 1 hour, 10 minutes of 30 second quicker poses? (4200 seconds/30 seconds=140 scribble sketches) The reason why you would and should do this theraputic trick is because, you'd loose your sense of preciousness and get more stronger range of movement and motion in your animated attutudes. You would like to make a flipbook into your notebook, if you'd really like to more. Keep going, and we're looking forward to more greatness in your drawing exercises.

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