25 minutes

by Viva Necro, April 18th 2022 © 2022 Viva Necro

Done as part of a 1 hour class after returning to study from a long pause.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses


Hey Viva, i like your drawing here good work trying to catch the shadows, some of the proportions here are kindda off, the head for example is too little, also remmember always to indicate the hand (it can be indicated with 3-4 simple lines) and for the shadows i belive making more interesting shapes, and using less tones will help, 3 tones is a good idea (papercolor, soft shade, hard shade).

Keep working on proportions!


Hi Viva, Two things I'd like to mention. The head looks a little too small for me. If you are spending 25 minutes on a pose, use some of the time in the beginning to measure the sizes, comparing them to other parts of the body.

Secondly, if you really want to shade, but you needn't do this yet at all, then differentiate between local tone (i.e. the colour of the skin) and the tone caused by lighting. The local tone you should ignore completely and only shade where the light creates darker areas. Sometimes this is hard to see and we as artists then just invent/create the tones, because we know what the form is and and how the light travels over that form.

Study and practice rendering the basic objects (sphere, cyclinder) in perfect lighting and start learning to identify where these objects appear on the human form. This is a big job to start but it will fling you miles and miles forwards, once you have started down that path.

It's a good drawing! But don't linger on, get down and do more. :-)

Polyvios Animations

Good noon to you, VivaNecro, and welcome to LOA. How are you doing this noon? Great job on your understanding of the human anatomy and gestures. Keep up the great use of gestures, proportions and anatomy.

However, in my knowledge, the proportons and anatomy look and seem a bit too rigid to me in terms of motion. How would you like to loosen and lighten up your graphic lines with your first 30 minute class mode of the figures, if you really haven't already? As a result, your comprehension of the human will have reduced stiffness, and have all the dynamism, fluidity, and life. For more info, look into the link to the Bridgman book, and the PDF to Vilppu Drawing Manual. If you please. Hope these things have helped and supported you the best.

Microwaved Tom

I think the anatomy you convey is a bit poor for 25 mins.

-There are too many straight lines (in the arm, leg, waist down) for anatomical features to be believable.

-You could try to focus on the shape of the muscle mass or bone potrusions.

remember this, "you can never see something without looking to find it first", so if yoy want to draw a muscle, look for it in the reference and find the subtle shadows and curves that contribute to it.

This way, you can improve the use of your shadows more effectively...

Destiny Malone

It feels a bit stiff with all the straight lines

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