25min - 4/21 w/ pastels

by Viva Necro, April 22nd 2022 © 2022 Viva Necro

Done as part of a 1 hour class.

wanted to try out pastels since i hardly use them.

Cosmogyral Fish (unregistered visitor)

Absolutely beautiful! I have no words! I love what you've done with the pastels, it looks great and you should be proud! :)


Let me start off by saying that this is beautifuly rendered. The colors are great, the contours are great, the shading is great.

In comparison to the whole image, there are only two things I could really critique as unfitting.

First would be the detail on the hands and feet. I feel like the rightmost hands and feet are at a perfect level of detail. There's just enough pastel laid down to suggest the shape and energy of the subject to the mind. However, the leftmost hand and feet feel like afterthoughts. The back foot looks like a small flat wedge and lacks any curve or shape to suggest a foot or the action it's taking. The fingers of the hand at the top of the piece look like a quick and dirty afterthought, and too blocky and squared. I definitely feel like the hand needed to be detailed just a bit more, as it's one of the focal points of the piece. The foot just needs some curve or weight added to it.

Second would be that the shading surrounding the character seems slightly off balance. It's heavier on the right hand side of the piece than the left. Asymmetry is not a bad thing, but I wish that it was balanced somehow, maybe with a little bit darker or heavier shading near the bottom left of the piece. This is a very subjective hottake though.

As I said earlier, well done. These critiques are just nitpicks, you should be very proud of this piece!

Scribbles And Jax

your choices in color is both helping and not helping the peice all at the same time. really just where the blue and orange mix is the issue. I know you only had 25 minutes but using a different color for where they mixed might have helped the situation. maybe a red toned purple, or you could have maybe gotten away with a warm toned blue.

you got the fluitity of the pose perfectly, you can read so much emotion. the lower back however seems to curve just a little too far in m,y opinion. that and i think the legs are a little smaller then they should be. other then that its a beautiful piece.

I wish you luck with the rest of your art journey. :)

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