Quick Hand Study

by PollyJ, April 23rd 2022 © 2022 PollyJ

For 5-10 minutes hand stud, I feel while as I focus on the details, the shape of hand isn't as accurate. Should I focus on the anatomy like bones rather than being exactly same like photo?

Viva Necro

Very good study piece, the contour lines have weight to them that helps them avoid looking stiff. the biggest issue I see is tied to perspective of the fingers and the overlap they have with each other, but you’re heading in the right direction when you mentioned focusing on the bones rather than the overall picture. a strong rough skeleton can help you figure out the placement of the fingers that aren't clearly shown and any specific part of the bone that is noticble outside of the body, like the point between the wrist and forearm stick out slightly.

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Polyvios Animations

Good afternoon PollyJ, and welcome back to LOA. Great job on your showing the perception of edges to give your hands more weight to make them less rigid and more dynamic, fluider, and liveliest. Keep pushing yourself the hardest and smartest.

Some of the hand anatomy look or seem not too liveliest and alive enough to me. Would you like to work more quickest and free-est with 10 minutes of 2 minute hands and feet? The reason is because, your lines of action and motion in your anatomy will become more cartooniest and the most animated in your action and acting, especially in your looks and designs of your characters to carry your stories. My hat's off to you, and I hope you've found these definitely and absolutely helpful, beneficlal, and enouraging.

Microwaved Tom

good start, i see that you have overlapping contours for the hands.

for your question, I think you dont have to draw exactly like from the photo, rather extracting information that are essential to what you want to study on is key. If your mean of "focusing on bones", is to draw and convey it more clearly or exaggerated, it is up to you.

you can try:

draw a light outline of the bones with a pencil crayon, then draw the rest on top. This way, it trains you to visualze the layers beneath the surface.

hope it helps,


MJ Quartz

I like these! A+ for effort!

I would work on proportions! Try starting with a larger shape and "molding" the rest of the hand from that/those larger shapes :)

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