Gangnam Style

by Cinnomin, May 1st 2022 © 2022 Cinnomin

Time Spent: ~5-10 Minutes

Trying to understand all that muscle down there a la observation and convert it to shorthand. It'sbeen a bit overwhelming. If anyone knows any artists whose homework I can copy COUGH I mean reference, (preferably w/o requiring a book purchase) please let me know!


looks good. try hands. other then that you are good


Thanks for calling me out lol, I did cop out on those haha


Hello! I really love the attention to the muscles, especially the legs they're looking good!

From the way the feet are positioned, I can tell the body is facing toward the viewer, but it kinda looks like the upper body is facing the other way in the first figure. The upper body sort of follows the straight line of the hips rather than the curve of the spine. You can sort of see this with the other figure you drew, the upper body follows the curve a little better. But overall keep going and you're doing great!


Thank you for the input! Follow the LOA, gotchu!

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