Gesture Drawings (Day 2)

by Jayy, May 4th 2022 © 2022 Jayy

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 60 seconds in length.

Day 2 of theses, I'm feeling like I'm getting a better at capturing the gesture with just a few lines. I hope this will eventually help me build more confident lines when drawing. Once again, critiques and feedback are most welcome. Thank you <3


With just 2 days you managed to capture the essence of human gesture.

-You don't overdo on multiple lines on the same area;

-The line of action is simple, yet it is there;

Also i noted you didn't draw ribcage and pelvis circle areas.

Some drawing are missing some limbs, but that's ok. I think you need confidence to sharpen you skill on drawing the line where it need to be drawn (most of these drawings already show this!) and faster.

Another suggestion for you is to practice from imagination the same human gestures. Remember: drawing from reference is good (practicing), but if don't understand and feel those concepts, you're just copying what you're seeing.

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