Long Pose Assignment

by Bigwig, May 17th 2022 © 2022 Bigwig

I submitted this for a class assignment and would like some help getting more movement in my drawing. I started this piece with a quick 1 minute gesture drawing and then built it up from there. It just feels "stiff".


I think you could make the pose more dynamic by extending the right foot to the left, and adding more of a 'curl' to the upper body. That would mean that the person's back would be more turned towards the viewer and the shoulders would pop out a bit more. But don't do this too much- the person looks to be older and often older peoples bodies just look a bit more 'stiff'. If you overdo it it can look very unnatural in comparison so a persons age. I would also recommend making the shadows, on the pants, a little less hard, and shade them a bit more.

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