30 Minute Class May 18

by Whiskeyjack1989, May 18th 2022 © 2022 Whiskeyjack1989

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

I'm a 3D artist looking to improve my anatomy knowledge and life drawing abilities. I think it will help overall with my character modelling and general artistic ability. All of this is fairly new to me, though I have some lifedrawing and gesturing drawing experience from a decade ago in art school. Looking for feedback, tips and tricks.



I think it looks pretty good so far! The only things I would maybe pay attention to is proportion and perspective. To me, the legs look a little short, and I think that you could practice perspective which would help a lot. It might make the pose a bit more dynamic as well. I can see that for example the feet look a little flat, you could maybe try to create more perspective by dividing them in 3D objects, such as cubes, cubiods and pyramids. Then, based on that, you can add shading which will make the character much more alive.


The gesture itself is impeccable, but the feet , hands and face contain mistakes or have absent features that should've been completed in a 30 minute period . I recommend doing more 2-10 minute drawings while attempting to complete the entire figure as accurately as possible during that designated period . Good job , you're totally heading to the right track.


Thank you for the wonderful feedback!

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