Figure Drawing practice

by ATMO5, May 24th 2022 © 2022 ATMO5

Done as part of a 1 hour


The curve of the body is good, but the scale is not very good, I think the belly is too long


Ty I will try to work on that

Arthoan Kmille

You are starting to see the shape of the form, that's great keep it up !
Try to improve your line of action and your character will be more dynamic


Form what the outcome is I suggest this is a 3 or 5 minutes drawing. Nice to see some shading and attention to the clothing in such short amount of time. But I find the drawing a bit stiff. I recommend you to follow the class mode next time as the class mode starts up with a few 10 seconds poses.

Those 10 seconds poses are really helpful with understanding the gravity and the weight of action, since there is no time to dig deeper in details other then just draw the fundament of a pose.

You are doing great! Keep practicing!


Hello, I noticed that your subject's bicep muscles are defigned but the forearm is only two striaght lines. Don't forget the forearm has muscles that deserved to be recognized as well :) The other thing I noticed is that the left leg's knee is too far down and the lower leg is too short. I would suggest moving the knee up and lengthening the lower leg


line of action can help keep the figure from looking tilted. I forget to do that sometimes. Still in my beginner phase, so yours are miles better than mine

The Cheese Police

Proportions are a little bit off, I think doing some light practice with capture the proportions of the body will help. I love the way you emphasized muscles groups, though!

Kim - Site admin

You've got a few issues with proportion. How long is the thigh in comparison to the torso? How many heads can you measure inside of the torso? The calf? How big are the hands in relation to the feet?

During practice, I would resist the urge to start shading as long as possible, and instead spend that time double checking your measurements by comparing the different parts of the body against one another. I know this is very hard to do, since shading is really fun and makes your drawings look nice, but shading is rarely what people need to work on in order to make big advances in skill.

Hope this helps! Keep drawing and sharing! :)

The ASArtist

Wonderful simple sketch! It is so vivid despite such minimal details. Still, I can tell exactly what the model looks like and I think he did a fantastic job of capturing her essence.

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