by Mikeyb, May 29th 2022 © 2022 Mikeyb

New to the figure drawing but this is my most recent

Laura R

Hi Mikeyb

You don't mention the time frame, meaning how long you had to render this pose. It looks like you are working on toned paper with both black and white charcoal.

There is great movement in the piece and you captured it well. I love the feeling of the spin and the lightness of her jump.

The proportions are a little off (her torso seems a little long and her arms too thin to me)

It's hard to work with black and white charcoal since mixing them on the paper makes for a muddy color. It is hard to keep them separate. I have been advised to pick up the darker tones first, allow for the paper to be the mid tone, and then highlight areas as needed with the white chalk.

I hope this helps.

Laura R


Thank you yes it was on toned paper, black white and sanguine conte crayons and I spent about 15 minutes for the pose and about 20 minutes adding the value. I have only been drawing figures for about 11 days so I am experimenting a lot right now, thank you for the help I will try using the paper as the midtone on my next drawing!

Laura R

Wow if this is your beginning you are doing really well! I look forward to seeing your work as it progresses.


Great that you are experimenting with sephia colours! I love this style myself and do it a lot with coloured pencils and sanguine.

I see you have good understanding of light and shadow, a thing you could work on is to use this to show more volume in your drawings. For this i would suggest not having all the lines parallel to each other: mostly the area near the stomach all the way to the knee, let the movements of the line show the volume of the body rather than the flatness of the paper itself. Another thing to note about this notion of parallels is that in a body, no two lines are ever straight (I'm talking more about the oulines in the drawing here) the two arms and the leg are drawn relatively straight, which flattens out the volume.

Nice work, keep going!


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