8 min drawing

by Maihegazy, June 10th 2022 © 2022 Maihegazy

i am new here i practice daily the line of action and this is after 1 week practice

will be great to get feedback


Do a line of action before to draw a pose or your character.

I see you work a lot,keep going your efforts !

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your right in this pose i didnt thanks for reminde me i will keep this in mind

Carnival Craze

I'd say the most striking thing is how you draw your knees. It's important to remember I think that the kneecaps are somewhere in there. With the angle of the right leg, the knee would be facing more inward and would have a bump rather than being concave.

Just working on those joints I'd say is important here! But otherwise?? Pose is bomb dude.

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yes i agree with you , i will put in mind naxt time thanks

Kim - Site admin

This is pretty good for just one week!

I would say, when practicing, aim less for a finished piece and more for a particular learning goal -- you may end up with less recognizeable final products, but it's likely to make your progress go faster. Perhaps your first goal could be to identify and record the internal shapes that make up the figure, rather than the exterior details like clothing?


its true i have this and iam trying to not let me go throw that but i will work more idebtify more shapes und less details unless for now


It seems like you've made great progress for just one week of practice! I think what might help is simplifying your subject (like just drawing a bunch of different mannequin poses instead of a full character) and figuring out how the basic shapes of the anatomy flow with your pose if that makes sense.

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