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by Bugcher, December 18th 2018 © 2018 Bugcher

This is from my daily 30 minute session today. I'm finding that my figures look very stiff even though I initially sketch out the figure in as few lines as possible, while trying to capture the movement. I can't tell what I'm missing. How do I improve my figure drawings?


Hello Bugcher! when you start drawing, those first perpendicular lines that set the position of shoulders, hips ,try to avoid making them too horizontal or vertical ( Which is our unconscious tendence when drawing axis). Try going for more diagonal structure lines instead. Better to be a bit too dramatic, because when you exaggerate a pose it is eassier to realize where you have gone wrong .

Also let me say I like the first sketch from the left, nice pose, very fluid, and the general feeling of the sketches, too.

Hope this can help , and sorry for the grammar. English is not my first language

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I assume not all of these were done in 30s? Let's see... You seem to be lacking long lines in some poses, but here are some examples of what you did right:

I would recommend to keep looking for lines like these and to avoid making multiple strokes just to find a good line. I usually limit myself to only one line in my figures.
If it helps, you may slow down a little to give more attention to the overall figure before laying in the first four or five most descriptive lines, and then gradually make smaller lines. Keep it up and try experimenting with this in mind!


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