Casual Judgement

by Lyla Prose, September 4th 2022 © 2022 Lyla Prose

10 Minute

0.5mm Mechanical Pencil - Graphite

Black Woman in active top and shorts standing in clear but casual judgement.


Hmmmm.. I sat on my glasses i gotta fix them again ugh hh h , anyways

I think you're having the snowman effect or something in this particular pose. Take the legs for example, both sides are symmetrical which ruins the flow of the gesture and makes it boring. I recommend making one straight line while the other side curves. Yes it is not 100% anatomically correct but this is a gesture drawing so you can do that. The snowman effect thingy isn't really nice to look at because it doesn't happen much in real life. If you look at someone's actual leg, yes, both sides curve but it is not symmetrical. I am bad with words I just recommend googling/ searching on youtube more about the snowman effect and how to avoid it.

if ur trying to make realistic legs, make one side straight and the other curve, then add the second curve on the straight line but don't make it the same exact curve on the other side.

also for drawing any part of the body, make one side smooth and simple while the other complicated.

hope I didn't sound like a crazy person to you. bye bye!


The general pose and anatomy seem alright! However, one thing I notice in your drawing is the line quality. Try to work on confident and stronger lines. Instead of putting multiple short lines together, draw with one stroke, one motion with your entire arm. I suggest more timed practice with like 30 seconds - 1 min so you must make fast decisions on where you put your lines. Don't worry if it doesn't turn out pretty, just try to capture the general feel of the pose! Good luck on your art journey :)


Overall this is dimensionally good. Excellent use of reference lines to anchor the form.

I would continue to work on proportions with possibly Loomis Method or something similar. As you get used to the structure of the figure, then you can begin to deviate. It is those deviations from the standard form where we find emotional expression.

I would also recommend to study some arm and leg musculature so you can predict a bit how those forms overlap one another starting at the socket and working their way down to the wrist or ankle.


The general pose and anatomy lines up relly well but one of the major problems I noticed from it off the bat was the lack of motion. One thing that can really help you out with this is having a line of action, there are great tutorials online but the basis of it is to have a line to make things look alot more fluid and give you a gernal idea of where the weight of the person is placed. Another thing Id suggest is trying to do some very quick possibly 30 second to minute studies wth the line of action I mentioned before, focus on where the weight is placed and the shapes that make up the body rather than the finer details like the face, hair or feet. Just focus on the overall shapes of everything. Overall though great work!

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