0905 1h

by ada, September 5th 2022 © 2022 ada
Polyvios Animations

Good afternoon, ada. Nicer job on your range of movement and forms on your sketches and drawings above. All and all, I think and feel that you're coming around just fine, except for the backwards ankles that are making that attitude less natural looking and feeling, which never occurs in real life. How would you like to redraw that pose-25 minute pose in 10 30 second resketches? As a result, your gesture will become more cartoonier and caricatured and funnier for lack of a better word.
But that's not all, to look up for more stuff about lines of action, I'd like to suggest you to look up some images on Google or DuckDuckGo and time yourself with a timer app that does seconds from 1-30 secs for warm ups exclusively and/or inclusively, like I do. That way, your posing and acting will become more simpler and more direct in your organic drawing talents. Hope this isn't too esoteric but hope this is extremely helpful. Bye now. 😘