would like to hear your opinion

by Shmeterlin, September 13th 2022 © 2022 Shmeterlin

made as a part of 1 hour session. if you have time, please give me feedback about my other works)

Imported Confusion

I think this looks really good! I specifically like the shading you did on the legs. I think it would help if you were more loose with your strokes so you can accurately capture the flow of the pose, and make sure you're not pressing down hard! If you press down too hard it not only makes it harder to erase, but it'll look out of place overall. Also, don't be afraid to draw the facial features and hands in a full body pose! Other than that, I have no critiques! Well done!

Sydney Grace

Hi, I love the shading a structure in the legs. I would suggest to work on adding more structure and movement to the upper body. Overall this looks great, Well done!


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