by Leitang, September 21st 2022 © 2022 Leitang
Polyvios Animations

Good morning, Leitang, and welcome back to line of action I am Polyvios Animations in how are you? Say, consistently fine job on your gestures as applied to your silhouette indeed.

But, as I see your right-side-up pose, but I want to see a vertically flipped pose like this one above. If you surely can, kindly click on the vertical button on your display and quickly sketch out 1 hour of 30 second poses? So that your observations will improve with not only from photos, but also from the drawings and paintings. If you're certainly curious about upside-down drawing, please be sure to look into the Definitive 4th Edition of Betty's Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

What Edward's has to offer in her book is some of our all-time favorite drawing exercises to help you polish up not only your drawing talents, but your observational talents, as well.

For more details, log onto drawright.com. Hope you've found these tips and tricks totally useful and have a nicer morning!


Very excited to see how it will go if I implemented your advice into my daily practice. I will do some research first and see how can I turn this into a more daily based exercise. The site has a lot information for me to digest too. I am currently doing studies on other subjects too, definitely will get more into it when I got some time. Thank you as always for all the kind words and informative tools and advice!

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