Day 1: Sunset at the mountains

by Sanne, October 1st 2022 © 2022 Sanne

Day 1 of #PaintoberVR: Sunset at the mountains.

Took about... idk, 1-1.5 hour? Painted from reference, in Vermillion VR

Image description:
VR painting of a gorgeous mountainous sunset. Gradients of yellow, orange and deep reds paint a stark contrast to the pitch black mountain outlines. In front of the mountains is darkness, with only wisps of clouds catching some of the orange light that makes its way past the silhouette.

Polyvios Animations

Good evening, Sanne, and tremendously great job on your use of colors and tones of your VR sunset. Please keep up the more animated gestures of your landscape's composition and design!

Sanne - Site moderator

Evening Polyvios! Thank you so much. :) I'm fully intending to paint once a day, I hope you'll enjoy the paintings as I work through the month!