Day 4: Rebel

by Sanne, October 4th 2022 © 2022 Sanne

Image description:
A person in a light hoodie, black pants and light sneakers standing with one arm stretched out over their head, face looking down. They're holding a flare up in the air, coating everything in a sea of red with smoke billowing around them.


Paintober day 4: Rebel. I really wanted to not get lost in the details in this one, and instead focused on how it made me feel. I think this captures defiance really well, and I love the glow!

Kim - Site admin

I really enjoy the palette on this one!

Sanne - Site moderator

Thank you! :D

Polyvios Animations

Spectacular job on capturing the timeliest, but timeless theme of rebellion against the status quo, Sanne, thank you.