10 second poses

by Sidg187, October 21st 2022 © 2022 Sidg187

10 second poses

Polyvios Animations

Excellent job and excellent show on your quickest of 10 second poses, Sidg187, however, I'm not getting enough of that feeling that the drawings seem and/or look like it was done in one line. Please go ahead with drawing from your elbow with 90 minutes of 6 second scribble poses?

Also, while you're doing this idea/suggestion, I'd like to see you try out some felt-tip markers like Sharpie, for instance, on 14 x 17 sketch and drawing pads on both pages per sheet.

As a result, if you try out these ideas, then your ability would increase 10,000-fold if it should help you make your sketches the most spontaneous and lively in your internally-motivated sketches.

Greatest of luck to you.

Sydney Grace

Hello, the poses have great movement! Some of the shape is lost in all the lines on some of the poses. Other than that looking great!


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