Gestures 25 10 22 (P.1)

by Tonovz, October 25th 2022 © 2022 Tonovz

Hi beautiful people, here are some gestures from my 30 min drawing class (''30 min'' because I also took another class to practice 3d form), I'm focusing on practicing Structure, Wrapping lines, and foreshortening.

Thank you for your recommendations, they help me a lot!

Cave Paint

I love your top left figure! I like the use of cross countour lines especially on the lady on the pole, you will learn fast with them. In my personal opinion tight lines are better then loose lines. 3 tight cross countour lines are better then 30 loose ones if you want to capture the perspective shift that happens when you look up the the head and down at the feet. You capture perspective so beautifully in your top left figure.

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