by Janhackstrom, October 26th 2022 © 2022 Janhackstrom
Polyvios Animations

Good evening, Janhackstrom, and welcome aboard again. I'm Polyvios and how are you? Say, you're doing a mighty greatest job on most of your faces and expressions. If these are going well, so why not try out learning how to draw hands and feet, so that you'd know what to practice on next

Hope this has been extremely supportive and good night!


Thanks for the tip, Polyvios. But I keep on drawing these faces. I'm not nearly good enough.

Polyvios Animations

That's true, but I think you need a specific goal of what you need to work on, yet I feel that you'd be the first to do.

Good luck to you, Jan, and let's hope this has been extremely helpful.

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