Dec/24/2018 - Long Session

by Jman3, December 24th 2018 © 2018 Jman3

Done as part of a 1 hour class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses

Today I went for an hour instead of 30 minutes to make up for not drawing yesterday. This session went well and I feel good about the last drawing (#18). I got the trunk/legs right in form and porportion I think and the shading isnt too bad. I made some mistakes with the arm/hand because I failed to take the perspective into account and the size of the drawing is larger than I normally do. The face is not what I wanted and it might bother me enought to start focusing on facial expressions, not sure if I want to focus my time into that yet. I also might start making the skeleton in a color and do the final flesh out in black to make the drawing look a bit more clean.

Open for critique, I would like to hear where I have gone wrong on these.