Old proportion practice

by Cave Paint, November 2nd 2022 © 2022 Cave Paint

The flat box’s are the best way to isolate the proportion skill. The box with the lines running through it are important use a ruler

Polyvios Animations

Welcome aboard, Cave Paint, and sorry to forget how to greet you and your works. What can I say? Your proportions and angles are completely starting to get on the right track on your first couple of tries. So, Cave, is that text above your current goal?

Other than that, you're doing positively great job on perceiving your figure's relationships. Keep on practicing your figures' relationships, followed by spaces, more.

Cave Paint

I believe proportion is a skill that can be isolated and drawing the whole object relative to the whole of another object is how it is practiced. Although boring, if the skill is isolated it will be learned faster. In this case it is the head relative to the rib cage or hips.

My current goal is to draw those three boxes in perspective from memory. With the ultimate goal of drawing everything from memory.

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