Nov 6 2022 memory box practice i

by Cave Paint, November 7th 2022 © 2022 Cave Paint

I don’t like showing my mistakes but i need to get over it. This is a sample of memory box practice. I try to fill in a little bit to help me visualize. 2 minutes each.

Shades Of Art

Mistakes ? me you are pretty much doing it right. Not sure what mistakes you are referring to.

Cave Paint

My goal with this is to remember the box’s without needing to observe the model. So you can’t see the mistakes but I can if you compare them to the model.

Shades Of Art

Hello Cave paint,

i see what you are referring to. I would not clalify that as mistakes. More like the road to getting better in something you are passionate about.

Your box figures, to me, look good. I think you pretty much figured out how it works. You will definitely not get it super good at the beggining but as long as you are close to the model, to mee thats good. The more you will do, the better and more precise you will get, and eventually you will leave the boxes because your brain and muscle memory will know what to do without them. Keep at it, you are on the right track in my opinion.


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