Gestures 16 11 22

by Tonovz, November 16th 2022 © 2022 Tonovz

This is part of a 30-minute class.

Currently practicing wrapping lines and movement to make my gesture drawings look less stiff.

I was running low on time in the end so I decided to draw a flower on the girl's face lol.

Cave Paint

On both of the standing figures the lines you use to describe the leg imply that you have the viewpoint that the viewer is looking up at them. Which is unlikely close to the ground.

You have a very strong understanding of boney landmarks and proportion.

I have some pretty biased opinions because I don’t like gesture drawing. I did them for 10 years believing they were the only way to draw, and I went no where fast. I kind of see the same happening to you... Visualizing is more important then observeing. Learning to copy even from life is not that useful. If you can’t see the figure through your mess of spegitti lines then it’s not the right track for you. Personally I found myself erasing a ton. And was unable to control the composition.

I am pretty sure you have put in more hours then I have. And you have studied some anatomy. I am sorry if my opinion is offense, I just don’t want to see people make the mistakes I did. I am going to do a little breakdown on cross countour. Because you can really learn a lot just from tracing them, although I think you are well beyond that.

Cave Paint

It’s in my sketchbook, with some explanation.


Hey dont worry cave paint its not offensive!

actually thank you for worrying about my process, currently i have 2 months since i began drawing gesture and i can see some improvement, i think the most important thing is practicing constantly, some days u are not going to draw that good, some other days u are going to create something u feel proud of.

i actually think to keep practicing in a constat rate gesture drawing for the rest of the year before changin my subject and began to put more effort into another area in specific, this is my way of learning only because of my bussy life (2 Jobs and College).

And yes i have some knowledge of anatomy because of my Highschool (i was studying medicine before changin to arts)

Cave Paint

Oh interesting! 2 months is not long. You do put out a ton of work. Whatever your vision you have for your art is going to be the best outcome. I just want you to know there are other ways to do things. College art education is bad.


I like the flow and movement of these gesture drawings. I enjoy seeing your work in general.


Thank you!!