December 7th 2022

by Neeshka, December 8th 2022 © 2022 Neeshka

I'm pretty rusty I haven't done gesture drawing in a while, any constructive tips would be appreciated greatly :D

Polyvios Animations

Good evening, Neeshka and welcome aboard to LOA. How do you do tonight? Greatest job on your range of action, anatomy and perspective, but they all seem a bit far too stiffest in your movements and lines of action and rhythm. Would you like to free up your hands with 6 minutes of 2 minute poses ambidextrously. The reason is because of two different things: first of all to help you get a specific goal in mind, and second to get your drawings and renderings a lot less stiff and a lot more fluid and livelier. For most info, please look into some drawing gestures tutorials on YouTube.

Good luck to you and your march of progress.


Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it! I'll give that try :)


Hey Neeshka!

These ain't half bad!

I don't find them to be especially stiff, but they are maybe a little bit timid.

Maybe try pushing the extremes , ad try to express the weight a little more. You can do this either by adding darker lines on the heavier sides, or by exaggerating the pose to get the gesture across a little better.

An exercise I like to try is just drawing the negative space (that is, the space around the model), instead of the model themselves. This can lead to strange looking drawings sometimes, but it can also help to loosen you up, and get that brain working on some different levels.

Again, great stuff. Keep it up!



Thanks a bunch for the advice! Really appreciate it. Your negative space exercise sounds like fun I'll give it a try c:

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