20221204 1hr 30mins: 35mins sketch

by KFqDRA8yDX7SxJWa, December 10th 2022 © 2022 KFqDRA8yDX7SxJWa

Sketch i made in 35 mins.

Polyvios Animations

Good night, KF, and welcome aboard to Line of Action, where your mind and hands are totally free to improve, I'm Polyvios and how do you do this fine night.

I love your pose in lightest lines after kissing the paper, but there's not enough of the expressive distortion in your dead-to-rights cartooning of the figure. How would you like to completely loosen up your hand and shoulder with your very first 30 minute drawing class mode?

As a result, if your first goal is to loosen up your lines of action, then bring it on.

Hope you've found this completely and definitely helpful, useful and effective. And good night. Good night.

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