by Carolynjuliaart, January 4th 2023 © 2023 Carolynjuliaart

5 and 10 min poses from yesterday's session. I'm focusing on rendering expressions so any feedback is appreciated.


Beautiful and clear shapes. A bit cartoonish.


I love the expressiveness of these works! Nice emotion. I think you could work on the placement of the facial features, maybe using guidelines can help. I think your art would look even better if the basis of the drawing looked as accurate as the detaills you draw :)

Certified Moth

Expressions on more realistic faces are a tough task, but these are a great start to improving! The use of line thickness in the mouth on the bottom is especially nice!

One of the bigger critiques I have is that there seems to be a lack of guidelines. To better understand the facial structures both as a stand-alone and in reference to other parts of the face, I would try and use guidelines to understand the size and placement of features in relation to others! For example, how many eyes wide the face is, or how high or low the different features on the face are on a straight-on angle.

I would also recommend looking for the basic shapes that make up a feature! For example, the nose can be broken down into just a triangle, and then details such as the outer nostrils, and different sides of the nose can be added by introducing circles and rectangles to it.

I see you have a start for shading in these pieces, and I would recommend to push them farther! Don't be afraid to press down hard and really exaggerate the shading! For example, on the top face, in spots where the shading of the cheek and neck are darker, add some lines going the opposite direction of the ones already there to really push the shadow!

Another slight issue I see is that in some places you seem to be drawing what you think should be there instead of what actually is, or perhaps just not fully understanding how to convey a certain shape. Start light and loose, and the further you go, add more pencil pressure to cement the exact shape you want.

While they are quite intimidating when drawing faces, I would try and shorten the sessions to really force some looseness in them, and I think you would find that it teaches you some techniques you can then use to better your drawings that you put more time into.

Overall two lovely drawings that have a ton of potential! Keep it up!


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