Gestures 03 01 23

by Tonovz, January 6th 2023 © 2023 Tonovz

Lol i forgot to upload this one.

Part of a 30 minute practice.

Polyvios Animations

Well,well,well,tono, greatest jobs on distorting and expressing your figure sketches with your gesture sketch warm-up technique. Very, VERY greatest! Keep them going!!

Still however, these lines of action, rhythm, and tempo could use more work in terms of satirization. Would you like to take a whack at 2 more hours of 30 second warm-up gesture sketches? (240 warm-ups)

The explanation is this: If you keep up pushing yourself the most with this request, and the goal being the most fluidest, animated, and liveliest with your graphic edges, I allow and also encourage you to go right ahead with your practices and drawing standards. For furthest inspiration, I suggest you look up some drawings and art by guys like Randy Bishop and Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, to get the expression and feeling they put and they have put into their works. Good luck with this tiniest suggestion, and I hope these have been useful.