Gesture drawings I completed in August 2021

by Brhody, January 16th 2023 © 2023 Brhody

These are some of my first gesture drawing. I started really striving on improving my craft in August 2021 and I wanted to share these as a comparison from then to now! Thank you for taking a look 🙃

Polyvios Animations

Good noon to you, V.Arto, and a very greatest work on your gesture drawings in how they show much action and marks and mood. Please keep going, but one littlest thing: I'm not getting enough of the spaces and cohesion of those busy and empty spaces in the figures. How would you like to go for your very first ever 1 hour figure drawing class? As a result, it can and shall and will make your gestures, silhouettes, and relationships less stiff and the most confidently understood. Kindly be nicest to yourself, as you can just go with the flow with the process. For more info, look at this link here. It's on all of the older, earlier Glenn Vilppu tutorials on drawing in general.

My hat's off to you, and may you have found these things and more the most benefical, useful, and practical.

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