New sketches 1-11-2023

by Maril0011, January 17th 2023 © 2023 Maril0011
Polyvios Animations

Greatest works on your beautiful markmaking in your quick sketches of faces and facial expressions, but I'm not getting enough of the most intuition on your facial relationships, spaces and gestures. Please why don't you do 30 minutes of 30 second quick sketches of expressions and most expressive faces, even the most funniest and silliest looks. As a result, it could, should and would make your expressions the most exaggerated and expressive you'll ever do in your whole career.

Daniel Coyle says, "To learn a new move, exaggerate it."

This quote is because of the way of thinking as to push yourself as far as you can go, and then go farthest.

Please take this with a really most smallest grain of salt. Good luck.

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