Figure study/gesture

by Thephilistine, January 21st 2023 © 2023 Thephilistine

Some still quick still life and photo figure stud

Polyvios Animations

Nicest works on your loosest graphic lines of your figures and photo refs, but your lines all seem not too fluidest and liveliest enough to me, so how would you like to do 90 more minutes of 30 minute blind gesture drawings? (180 loosest scribbles) The reason is because, if you are to practice drawing from a photo, it is perfectly easy to get too lost in the details, therefore, I'd suggest you get a timer app to do the exercise suggestion for 90 minutes of 30 second scribbles.

As Glen Vilppu says,

Use the photo, don't copy it!

Let's hope this quote has been totally and extremely helpful and useful.


Thank you for that! I feel like I do have a habit of making my figures too rigid now that I'm looking at my sketch books


Draw the line of action first before shading. :)


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