Pencil sketches female form (10-15 mins each)

by Hanmdp, January 23rd 2023 © 2023 Hanmdp

Attempting to develop more skill with the human form and a bit more of a style and forcing myself to draw a couple of poses I would usually steer clear from

Polyvios Animations

Good morning, Hanmdp, again, and welcome aboard again. I love how much force and form you're going, but these forces all look a bit farther too timider to me. How would you like to do 30 minutes of 2 minutes of figures? (15 figure drawings) The reason is because, if your next goal is to still work on pushing the guts of your figures, then go right ahead. And if you wanna practice more on figure drawing, then I'd like to recommend a bookazine on Drawing Anatomy right here.

Good luck to you, your learning curves, and your march of progress.


I like your poses. The experts, of which I am not, would say to try to keep your lines smooth and confident.

Try and avoid the chicken scratchiness of the contour but if your goal for this practice was form and proportion, you did very well. I especially like the one on the top-right.


It looks really great in my opinion! I think the next step would be trying other mediums to draw (using coal, paint etc) to focus on shadows and skins :) I love this study, it feels very organic, maybe try drawing hands/feet next time


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