Face Studies – 06/02/2023

by Martin B, February 7th 2023 © 2023 Martin B

Spending time this month working on faces, they are among my weakest skillset so it'd be nice to get that going.

I practiced using the Loomis Method starting with 30 second faces up to 10 minutes each.

One of them looks quite scary and not anything like the model I was focusing on so possibly my approach for that 10 minute session was poorly used?

Bottom left went quite well, think it was the angle that helped. I've noticed in the past that any directly facing poses tend to go quite poorly for me.

Myfo (unregistered visitor)

Keep going Martin!

Portraits are really challenging to master. On a face, nothing is forgiving, a small deviation of a few millimeters and everything is out of whack.
So, I recommend you to draw larger, A LOT larger!
Don't be afraid to waste paper, buy stacks of A4 printer paper if necessary, but once you are really comfortable with the proportions and placement becoming instinctive, drawing smaller faces will be a breeze !

Best of luck :)

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Martin B

I've got a big sketchbook just begging to be used so I've no problem going larger. :D

Thank you for the advice, I'll do it!

Polyvios Animations

Nicest job on getting your proportions and angles right, MartinB, on your heads and faces. Very greatest! Kindly keep up the greatest works.

I feel that the angles of the face towards the bottom middle of the image seems a bit too rigidest and wonkiest to me. How would you like to slow down a bit on the head relationships but loosening up your graphic edges or spaces, by doing a 5 minute Loomis head?

Explanation: If you would and should do this 5 minute head, you'd not only be more careful with your facial relationships, (proportions and angles) but therefore, you'll draw a lot more gutsiest and spontaneous with a lot of practice along the way, in terms of the faces's lines of action and rhythm. What I mean is that you could and should get a lot of lines of action with the heads that way, too. Please take what I've said with a grain of salt, and hope this has been totally useful.


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