by Destiny Malone, February 17th 2023 © 2023 Destiny Malone
Polyvios Animations

Good evening, Destiny Malone, and nicest jobs on retaining the colors, tones, relationships, spaces, edges, in addition, gestalt. Please keep on taking that pose up a notch in your next sessions.

However, I'm still not getting enough of those liveliest and longest CSI's(curves against straights). How would you please keep on pushing your lines and shapes with your non-dominant arm with 5 minutes of 1 minute scribbles? The reason is because it can help you learn how to think like an artist, plus to help you loosen up your art elements. Good luck to you and your promising learning curves.


I find perspective to be a cruel master and i rely on other eyes to see "what's wrong" for me. Once they point it out it seems so obvious!

in this case the head and the face are not pointing the same way. The face is towards the viewer where the head is turned away more.


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