Gestures 18 02 23 (2)

by Tonovz, February 19th 2023 © 2023 Tonovz

part of a 30 minute class

Polyvios Animations

Greatest works on your fluidest, most dynamic and spontaneous poses and attitudes consistently so far, Vz. Bravo and please keep on trying your hardest!

However still, I'm still not completely, totally, and absolutely getting enough of the most direct of exaggerated drawn poses. How would you like to make your strokes the most boldest, most powerful and liveliest with 20 more minutes of 29 quickest scribbles and jots and scrawls of human attitudes, using only our custom timer right here on this page?

The Explanation:

-To make your drawings of human poses the most clearest and directest.

-To strengthen the lines of action and rhythm and tempo

-To be mostly into the essence of the model, live or otherwise.

For most details, kindly look into a youtube video or two about quick sketching for anything:

Until then, happy drawing practicing.


Thank you polivius u are always there giving advice :)