Light sources

by Naima, March 21st 2023 © 2023 Naima

I'm having a hard time to capture light and shadow, to be more clear I forced myself to use an ink pen to decide where to put shadows.

Polyvios Animations

Welcome back, Naima, and nicest job on how you most simply captured your range of lights and shadows with only ink pen lines, yet it seems like or looks like you may/might have used a brush pen or ink and brush, but the contrasts of values don't look or seem too bolder enough, in the meantime, please use your ordinary ball and building blocks, prop them up against a normal desk lamp, then broadly free up and furthermore loosen up your perceptions with 60 more minutes of 30 second value studies with objects.

The explanation behind that critique is so that you can have the most self-explanatory way of seeing the graphic shapes and lines of lights and shadows, so that you can put in the reflected lights on later. For most info, please look into our Drawing Fundamentals textbook at our books list, till then, happy sketching!😘😘😘