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by Jaybobdoodles, March 23rd 2023 © 2023 Jaybobdoodles

10 minute sketch - you know that warm, fuzzy feeling your arm gets after a good warmup? oh yah

Polyvios Animations

Say, Jaybobdoodles, a very nice job on capturing weight, gesture, space, and form on a figure pose that's on a wheelchair, yet, I'm not getting enough loose and organic splay in the organic pose, so how would you like to go for 16 more minutes of 2 minute loose and scribbly wheelchaired poses? The logic behind this critique is because even if you are drawing poses in these kinds of chairs, then your seated poses will become less rigid, less somewhat stilted, and the much forceful, flowing, and fluid in your lines of action and rhythm. For most details, please look at some photos and videos of wheelchaired people from life, and from real life, but you can and will sketch them out. Hope this thing helps so much.


Looks good , maybe a little on the rougher side but the gesture's there .

take your time with it and when you feel you have it , try drawing the same poses but faster , it'll help a lot with warmups and decision making .

great work , keep grinding


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