by Naima, April 1st 2023 © 2023 Naima

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 60 seconds in length. ( took 5 mins)

My current goal to cerrect the foot position and try to capture different angles


Im sorry if I misunderstood, did you take five minutes on each drawing or sixty seconds? The second figure is very impressive for a minute drawing if thats the case.

What a very intersting piece to critique; it has two figures to examine, one that you obviously nailed and another that kind of got away from you. Its funny, because the one with an extreme perspective most would consider the difficult one.

Maybe its because of the ink on the second piece that makes it work so well, but by adding those thick lines, it really makes your leg seem to come forward. The curve on the leg to indicate the calf muscle is great too.

Now the first figure is very hard too, because most of the external landmarks that we use to build a traditional figure are hidden by either their angle or by the models fuller figure.I think a good way to approch these types of figures is to either figure out the poses skeletion or to draw a simple mannequin of the pose. Simple mannquines break more complicated figres down to simple forms and make them easier to understand in perspective. Next time you get a pose like this, focus a bit more on getting figure correct before applying the more intricate details like the face or the fingers. Big parts first then go smaller.

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Thank you for your percise comment, it' s very helpful. And yes I took 5 mins instead of 1, because I really wanted to finish the pose. And you hit the point with the chair pose, I got carried away with glasses, chair and hand. Thanks again I appreciate your critics very much.

Polyvios Animations

Greatest job on your cofidence but boldest concentration in your range of forces and spaces and relationships of poses, Naima, but they all don't seem too forceful and cartooniest to my sensibilities yet, so please kindly do free up your lines of action and the loosest yet liveliest lines with 10 more minutes of 2 minute poses. As a result, your organic shapes, spaces, lines and forms will become the least forced and the most naturally felt and dynamic and the most intrinsically motivated in your drawn acting choices. For most details on perception, please pick up a copy of a book or PDF of the Nicolaides book, just to start off with blind contour drawing and gesture, and furthermore, you don't have to follow his plans that rigidly, for you can follow them in anyway you need and want, so that you can learn a few ideas from them. Have the nicest time practicing. ;):)