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by Naima, April 17th 2023 © 2023 Naima

I am stuck, I'm not moving foreward and don't get a clou how to progress.

Polyvios Animations

Say, Naima, that's the most awesomest and most spectacular job you've ever done on your loosest and most lightest edges, spaces, and angles yet! Meanwhile, I feel that your most organic proportions could use the most work power, so how would you kindly free up your relationships and perceptions of spaces with 3.5 more hours of 18 second quickest figure poses? (3.5x3600/18, 12,600/18=700 liveliest but totally energetic stick attitudes) The logical report for this constructive criticism is because it can and will get you off of thinking of the least important relationships and the most strongest lines and shapes in the sizes and angles.

But that's not all, for most simplified facts, please look into this video down here.


Hope they have been the most useful and helpful, and have fun and thanks for asking.


Try to focus less on lines and more on shapes. In the drawing on the bottom you didn't "plan it out" rather you drew what you saw. Especially if you are doing this in a smaller time frame, you can't be thinking so much abt the end product as much as what the baseline form is. Neither of the drawings are bad, but if you wanna improve you need to be wary abt how the body is moving and put that on the paper so you don't forget as you're refining the piece. Sorry if that doesn't make sense :)


It can be tough to know how to progress! Especially when as an artist, we know there are so many things to study and work on. I have found the best way to get over this hump is through critique and to narrow what you are trying to improve. You already have some great advice in the critiques of this piece, but let me throw in my own two cents, because critiqueing others also helps an artist look at their own work more objectively.

The thing you've obviously worked on the most is the torso of your first figure. There is some great shading and form and it stick out from the rest of the figure. You know the torso very well at this angle at this point. But you rushed through the construction of the legs, even doing some light shading before even finishing both feet. Shading is something you should do when you have a bit more time if you are having difficulty contructing the whole figure first.

The next time you draw something like this, pick a small goal. It can be as simple as, I will draw the feet and hands in every pose. If thats too difficult to match, make it atleast the feet, or one foot. The smaller the goal, the more likely it is you will practice and fix that problem.

You're doing great!