19th April

by Embralona, April 19th 2023 © 2023 Embralona

Done as part of a 1 hour class.

These are the 10 min and 25 min sketches at the end of the class. My goal was to practice facial expressions because I want to get back into drawing after a hiatus and I want to be able to draw better facial expressions and poses from imagination as well. I was really excited to do this!! The human face is my absolute favorite thing to draw.

Polyvios Animations

Welcome to Line of Action, Embralona, how are you? I love the greatest shows you've done to your facial lines of action and rhythm, but they all seem too rigidest and too stilted to me, so please keep on pushing your poses' loosest lines by trying out our interactive drawing tutorial, to help you familiarize yourself with the greatest fundamentals of gesture drawing. -I apologize for the most verbose sentence.

The reason is because you can, shall, will, and in the future will have gotten to the raw-est essence of your faces and expressions. Have the nicest days.



Many thanks for the comment. I completely agree with you, my stuff tends to be stiff then I draw with just a regular pen or pencil. After the one hour practice, I ended up drawing looser sketches with a brush pen, maybe I'll post some of those too at some point. Thanks for the feedback and have a lovely day.


Holy smokes dude, I can tell you love drawing faces, these are beautiful.

Really not qualified to help with refining you facial expressions. But I do notice that you mis prioritized you time a little on both pieces. The ten minute expression has a tremendous face, but the hair looks like it was QUICKLY added with scribbly straight lines. Its not the worst it could be, not by a long shot, since there is still some hint of highlights and the outline is pretty good, but the detail is enough that its really distacting from the power of your face.

The hand on your longer piece is even more frustrating lol. It either needed to be less detailed or you needed to spend way more time really nailing its appearance. My eye keeps getting dragged to it, which is unfortunate because the face is so well rendered.

If you want to do long studies of just expressions, figure out good shorthand drawings for the parts you are not going to focus on. THe body of your ten minute piece is a good example of what I mean. I think its the perfect level of render for your study.

I just realized that this was done in ball point and now Im impressed yet again. Cool pieces


Thanks for taking your time to provide feedback. Haha that's fair, and half the time I wasn't sure what I was doing nor what I wanted to prioritize because I was just getting used to the format (I'm new to this website). I did run out of time on certain things and instead of pausing, I just moved on after the allocated time was over. Also very well noticed - 5 to 10 minutes tends to be my "sweet spot" for sketches before I add too much detail and "murder" a drawing. Thanks again!

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