10 Minutes

by Mx. Abi, January 7th 2019 © 2019 Mx. Abi

I rarely do buildings or scens so I am out of my comfort zone here.


Very nice start in that this in not busy with cross hatching. Just to wonder what exactly is the background....a river going into a dam...and with a, I will say a half mountain.....a few more lines would help us to see what you see....and by all means practice drawing just one building over and over and over again and again as this will help you see your progress and help you see the happy accidents that lead you on the way to putting down what marks go where and when to put them down. Again this is a great start...so keep going !!!!!!...We wanna see your vision as you see it for sure !!

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Mx. Abi

That's the real challenge, figuring out what to keep and what to drop.

When it comes to the human figure, hands and feet, or a portrait, I am well versed in what you can keep or drop. How to make a single line appear to be any part of the anatomy. How you can add a touch of shading and change the entire expression.

But my entire career I have largely avoided scenery and buildings.

So I am doing a combination of studies and encorporating these sketches into my 10 minute daily practice in the morning.

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