13-09-18 Last pose in 1Hr class mode

by Flarebrush, September 13th 2018 © 2018 Flarebrush

25 min pose, in black conté crayon on newsprint. Focus was on values, realized near the end that I had been leaning over the left side of the drawing which greatly affected the perspective of the legs, in the reference image the legs should be pretty much on the same horizontal plane :s


Hey Flarebrush, this is really good and it totally reminds me of Steve Hustons workshop drawings, are you following any specific classes as of now? One thing I note is that my eyes are drawn to her legs - not only because the lines separating the legs from the thigh but the shadow underneath her, was it really that dark?


Thanks Line,

In terms of classes I have been chipping away at Proko's premium courses, slowly working through the anatomy course atm.

You caught me a bit on the darkness of the tone, the scene was starkly lit and I think had I filled the background (as the scene had a dark back drop) it may have seemed less stark. I did however go too dark on the stockings and tried to play catch-up on the rest of the shadows and ended up going a bit overboard.

Also I'm pretty sure her right hand is too small.

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