by Vybluong22, May 12th 2023 © 2023 Vybluong22


I really need to do landscape studies.

Im really impressed with the landscape studies. Im really impressed by the pillared building in the middle.

Polyvios Animations

Very nicest work on composing and staging but laying out your background drawings, Vybluong22, but how would you like to loosen up your bigger and smaller shapes with 6 minutes of 2 minute scenes?

The reason is because it can, shall, furthermore will help you make bestest scene and environment sketches. For most details, please keep on practicing your perspective exercises to completely loosen yourself up, while getting the Vanishing Point Kindle ebook by Jason Cheeseman-Meyer. Hope this helps the most.

Tropical Bird

I really enjoy the middle and bottom right composition. The middle is kind of dramatic and mysterious and I'm just a person who enjoys a long lenses so the bottom right appeals to me.

Feel like the top one could use a more dramatic camera tilt and the edge of the building is kind of forming a tangent with the frame.

The bottom left feels a little cramped in its frame. It might be worth drawing the scene more losely without a frame before adding one.

Best wishes!


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