Chip Thief

by Jcmlfineart, May 17th 2023 © 2023 Jcmlfineart

Pose draw for later composition.

crayon and coloured pencil

He will be on a table in the kitchen in the middle of an impossibly large crisp bag surrounded by crumbs.

Suggestions ideas or critiques are much appreciated.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art

Polyvios Animations

Say, Jcml, great job on loosening up your figures in different colors of lines, patters and movements. Very good. But, I'm not totally getting enough of your strong lines of action in caricatures of figures yet, so why don't you please loosen and lighten them up with 1.5 hours of 2 minute poses of nudes/non-nudes? As a result, your figures' proportions (relationships) will become less rigid and more flowing in their lines and shapes. For more info, please look into the Figure Drawing book by Andrew Loomis. Hope this has helped.


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