30 second figure studies

by Emil Leum, May 22nd 2023 © 2023 Emil Leum

I found this so helpful, but everything but easy. I definitely need to practice more of these,

Polyvios Animations

Greatest job on your poses, especially our semi-static posing of that wheelchaired one, but I'm not totally and absolutely getting enough of those organic drawings yet, but how would you like to go for 15 more minutes of 27 second poses?

As a result, it can and will be able to get the most of your most powerful storytelliing drawings most quickly. As a result, it can, shall, and will be able to get the best results with the march of progress and time.

Practice makes progress, and progress makes perfect.

Daniel Coyle

My hat's off to you, may it benefit you very so much.


Hi Emil, this is great! Your poses are dynamic and energetic because of how loose your lines are. I would suggest taking the time to think before putting pencil to paper. I know the reference disappears quickly, but even if you capture just a small part well, its much better practice than trial and error. We want to capture the line of action as accurately as possible, (even though that sounds like a contradiction since the goal is to skip the details all together). Finally, I love how confident and bold your strokes are! Keep up the good work, and you'll be able to produce clean, dynamic figure drawings. Remember consistency is key, but don't beat yourself up if you miss some practice days or two :)


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