Lift to Rise- Progress 2

by Jcmlfineart, May 22nd 2023 © 2023 Jcmlfineart

I am a bit lost. I know there will be a river and rocks around the figure.

But the placement of background sections and sentiment story tactics still allude me.

Got any suggestions?

What will not change/Storyline idea-This will be the only figure. The sentiment is of an alone and unwatched(as far as the figure is concerned). The viewer happens upon her bathing and feels the need to step back so the figure can have her moment in nature. But wants a second peek at the figure's sense of breathing peace.

Ideas and help, and critiques are welcome.

Thanks for your support,

All the best,

JCML Fine Art

Polyvios Animations

Greatest work on your most gracefully flowing and fluid pose of that nude above, JCML Fine Art. Please keep up the excellence, but I'm not totally getting too much of that watery flow of those organic forms. How would you kindly love to push the most flow of the organic drawing with 5 hours of 16 second scribbliest drawings? (5x3600/16, 18,000/16=1125 scribbles)

The reason is that as a result, your drawings will become the most flowing in their storytelling and quickest execution. For most details, please make sketching from outdoors a daily habit.

Warning: This whole thing can seem like infinity to master, but it's worth it.

Good luck, and my hat's off to you.

Elliesaurus Art

I love the use of colour and tone in this drawing, looks so bright and expressive, well done! I can see several small issues with this drawing but I'd say the only thing worth noting is how you've drawn the head and next area. The face looks very flat and the angle doesn't make sense with how you've drawn the next, it just looks slightly awkward. The body looks awesome so I'd recommend you study faces, particularly in profile or three-quarter views, try to focus on form and angle and remember that the skull is round and you should reflect that in how you place the features. Also, I'd say that you've placed the eyes a little high and her forehead looks small, remember that the forehead takes up more space than you would expect it to, most of the time it's almost half of the face (this all depends on the person of course). These critiques are just nitpicks btw, I think your work is awesome, I love the expression, colour, stylisation and overall vibe, keep doing what you do!

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