by Mely6990, June 12th 2023 © 2023 Mely6990

30 minutes session of 2 minute poses. Uploading things can be kinda annoying sometimes.

Polyvios Animations

Good afternoon, again, Mely, and welcome back. Say, I'm seeing some really, utterly great improvements on your forces (gestures), spaces and forms of these figure sketches. Please do keep up the great work indeed. Yet, these poses all seem a bit too fearful to me yet. How would you love to go for 31 minutes of 60 second pose sketches of figures? (31 figure attitude sketches)

If you could and should go for much more improvement of your myelin in your organic flow of your poses, then your figure drawings can and will become a lot less rigid, and a lot more flowing, fluid, and alive in your poses. Plus if you're curious about quick sketching organically, then I'd like to recommend you this link right here. This is from, but this page link is especially geared towards the much classically trained drawn animators, cartoonists, and artists alike, so, let's all hope you've found these things and more all the much more useful, informative, and furthermore encouraging.

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