been working a lot

by Jaybobdoodles, June 13th 2023 © 2023 Jaybobdoodles

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 10 minutes in length.

Polyvios Animations

Good afternoon, Jaybobdoodles, and once again, a very consistently more finer job on your lighter than light touch on your figural gesture in this pose. Very, very, very, VERY greater job so far, in fact, I think that the lighter pencil could've been erased off more sooner, but I feel that the crazier spontaneity of your pen could be a bit far more direct. How would you care to free up your graphic shapes and/or lines with 5.67 more hours of 19 second more scribbliest figure poses?

And do you know why?

Because of 2 tips:

A) To help yourself to warm up fairly larger and faster for your exaggeration of poses and gestures, and expressions.

B) To help on getting reacquainted with restrengthening your lines of action, rhythm, and tempo, to encourage exaggerating your proportions, angles, spaces, and perceptions of edges even fairly most.

Please do keep up the more fairly greater work, and let's all hope and pray they've educated and informed you more than ever.

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