(part 2) 1 hour class type figure session, asking for feedback

by Meijiisconfused, June 16th 2023 © 2023 Meijiisconfused

25 min pose from the 1 hour class figure session (see part 1)

Polyvios Animations

I say, Meijiisconfused, I think you're doing a most greater job on your fluidity, solidity, and liveliness of your more than sustained pose, but I feel that your mark-making could use even more boldness and freedom of forces. How would you love to go for 33 more mins of 1 minute figure poses?

The Premise:

1) To make your mark-making even more holistic, bolder, and even more powerful and a lot less than itchier.

2) To help yourself into drawing out your key poses from your memory and/or imagined images.

I.e. 30 secs looking, 30 secs sketching.

Have fun practicing your quick sketches in the morning, and good luck to you!


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